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The Coronavirus Relief Bill increased the unemployment benefits individuals get from their state. While the state unemployment benefits range between $250 to $550, the coronavirus relief act is going to increase it by $600 per week up to 16 weeks. This is a memorable boost to unemployment benefits. Given the COVID-19 outbreak has finally reached its peak, it should be enough to sustain during the final days we have.

By no means, you’re not going to get $600 per week. That $600 will be added on top of your state unemployment benefits you’re getting. Whether you live in Oregon, Florida, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, or any other state in the country, you’re eligible for the boost if you’re claiming unemployment.

This doesn’t mean that new applicants will not receive unemployment though. You will still get unemployment even if you claim it now which you can do online.

Coronavirus Unemployment Claim Changes

Generally, you can claim unemployment only if you lost your job due to a lack of available work. So those who quit their jobs wouldn’t be able to get unemployment. However, because of the pandemic, the Department of Labor brought some flexibility to it.

If you left employment due to the risk of infection or to care for a family member, you qualify for unemployment. This applies to those who self-quarantined themselves with the expectation of returning back to work once the quarantine is over. Also, if your employer ceased operations due to the pandemic, and you’re basically on hold, you can claim unemployment benefits.

How much is unemployment in my state?

In general, unemployment ranges anywhere between $250 to $550 per week. With the additional $600 per week from the federal government, it should increase to $850 to $1,150. The full list of unemployment benefit amounts by each state adjusted with the CARES Act bonus can be read here.

How to claim unemployment online?

The unemployment benefits are handled by states, not the federal government. Therefore, you first need to get to your state’s department of labor website and make a claim there. Being unemployed or not being able to work due to coronavirus pandemic will grant you unemployment benefits. Even if you’re holding your job but can’t work due to quarantine you can get unemployment benefits.

Click on your state’s department of workforce or labor below to claim unemployment online.

Online Unemployment Agency of Every State

Alabama Department of Labor
Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Arizona Department of Economic Security
Arkansas Department of Workforce Services
California Employment Development Department
Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
Connecticut Department of Labor
Delaware Department of Labor
D.C. Department of Employment Services
Florida Department of Economic Opportunity
Georgia Department of Labor
Hawaii Department of Labor
Idaho Department of Labor
Illinois Department of Employment Security
Indiana Department of Workforce Development
Iowa Workforce Development
Kansas Department of Labor
Kentucky Career Center
Louisiana Workforce Commission
Maine Department of Labor
Maryland Department of Labor
Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance
Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity
Minnesota Unemployment and Economic Development
Mississippi Department of Employment Security
Missouri Department of Labor
Montana Department of Labor and Industry
Nebraska Department of Labor
Nevada Labor Commissioner
New Hampshire Department of Employment Security
New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development
New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions
New York State Department of Labor
North Carolina Department of Commerce
North Dakota Department of Labor and Human Rights
Ohio Department of Labor
Oklahoma Department of Labor
Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries
Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry
Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training
South Carolina Department of Workforce
South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation
Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Texas Workforce Commission
Utah Labor Commission
Vermont Department of Labor
Virginia Department of Labor and Industry
Washington Employment Security Department
West Virginia Workforce
Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
Wyoming Department of Workforce Services

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