Cheapest Countries to Visit

There are so many cheap countries to visit that offer incredible value for money. You can stay in hostel dorms for $15-$20, eat delicious and spicy meals for under $10 a plate, and go on world-class scuba diving trips for only $20 a day!

In a world where everything seems to be more expensive, it’s refreshing to find destinations where your travel dollars can go far. We’ve identified some of the best and most budget-friendly places to visit in the world, where a meal at a local restaurant or a night at a hotel costs only a fraction of what it would back home. For example, Cambodia is a beautiful Southeast Asian country that is surprisingly affordable, with the impressive temples of Angkor, lush jungles, and pristine beaches all available for budget travelers. Laos is another great choice for a budget trip, with its gentle towns along the Mekong River and spectacular landscapes of the Cardamom Mountains.

Ethiopia is a truly unique destination that offers both incredible wildlife and ancient history. Its UNESCO-listed cities, including the fortified town of Lalibela with its underground monolithic churches, are a must-see. Its flora and fauna are diverse as well, making it an adventurer’s dream. While it can be more expensive to visit Peru due to the popularity of Machu Picchu, this is still a great country for budget travelers with a passion for nature and culture. Peru is also home to some of the world’s most stunning mountain scenery, which can be explored on a self-guided trekking adventure. On the other hand, Romania is an excellent option for a budget-friendly European vacation, with hotels costing less than 30 Euro and meals typically under 7 Euro.

South Africa is another affordable African country. It has a booming tourism industry and is home to many natural wonders. Its cities are full of charm and impressive architecture, while its beaches and forests offer a tranquil retreat away from the bustle of the capital city.

Cheapest Countries to Visit in Europe
Cheapest Countries to Visit 1

Cheapest Countries to Visit in Europe

While Western European countries can be expensive to visit, there are many affordable destinations in the continent. Bulgaria, for example, is one of the cheapest Schengen countries in Europe and offers a range of beautiful natural landscapes such as pristine beaches, volcanic hot springs, and stunning national parks like Heviz. It also has a great selection of hotels, hostels, and Airbnbs, which make it an ideal place to visit on a budget.

  • The Baltic countries of Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia are also surprisingly cheap to visit. These charming nations are known for their colourful architecture and fascinating history. They’re also home to a wealth of fairy-tale-like castles that are a highlight of any trip to the region.
  • Another budget-friendly European destination is Hungary. This country is famous for its incredible cuisine and spectacular architecture, including the stunning Hungarian Parliament Building. You can enjoy delicious meals at a fraction of what you would pay in Western Europe and stay in cheap hostels or Airbnbs.
  • Slovakia is another popular cheap European destination which has a lot to offer visitors. You can explore historic cities like Bratislava and Ljubljana or head to the mountains in the High Tatras, where you can hike or ski. You can also experience some of Europe’s most beautiful natural scenery, including glacial lakes and lush forests.
  • Despite the fact that Poland isn’t as developed as other European countries, it still offers exceptional value for money. Its charming cities, beautiful natural landscapes, and well-known historical sites make it an ideal destination for those looking to explore Eastern Europe without breaking the bank. Its low prices are mainly due to the currency’s strength against the euro. In addition, you can find inexpensive accommodation and delicious local cuisine.
Cheapest Countries to Visit in Asia
Cheapest Countries to Visit 2

Cheapest Countries to Visit in Asia

Whether you want to relax on Thailand’s beaches or explore Cambodia’s temples, there are plenty of affordable destinations in Asia. This continent is filled with stunning natural landmarks and historic attractions, and you can travel there for under $50 a day.

  • One of the best cheap countries to visit in Asia is Vietnam, which is known for its mouthwatering cuisine, mesmerizing landscapes, and vibrant culture. It’s also home to countless sacred temples and the remnants of the Vietnam War, making it an ideal destination for history lovers.
  • Another great affordable country to visit in Asia is Myanmar, which is famous for its incredible biodiversity and beautiful scenery. It’s home to pristine beaches, vast forests, and ancient architectural masterpieces. Myanmar is also one of the safest and most affordable places to visit in Asia.
  • China is another affordable option, and it’s home to some of the most fascinating ancient sites in the world. You can see it all on a budget from the Terracotta Warriors of Xi’An to the Forbidden City in Beijing.
  • Pakistan is another amazing place to visit on a budget, and it’s home to some of Asia’s most stunning natural and historical sights. You can explore its spectacular mountains, lush forests, and dazzling beaches, including Cox’s Bazar, which is the longest beach in the world.

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