Acquirer Reference Number

Acquirer Reference Number (ARN), also known as Application Reference Number or Actual Reference Number can be used to track a transaction. This is a unique number. The ARN can be attached to every type of transaction. So credit card transactions isn’t the only thing that is attached with an ARN.

Usually, you will need to contact your bank or credit company. These numbers provide a lot. Let’s say a customer of yours claims they did not receive a refund in which you made. You can just provide them with the Acquirer Reference Number so they can track it.

When issues like this are not on your end, providing customers with ARN is such a lifesaver. Although these numbers are unique, each transaction is tagged with an ARN. When anything is bought with a credit card, an ARN tags the transaction. This happens at the moment when it goes from the acquiring bank to the cardholder’s bank.

Application Reference Number

There is also the Application Reference Number which is entirely something different than the Acquirer Reference Number. The Application Reference Number is a 15 digit number. It is used when the Goods and Services Tax Registration Application in India made successfully.

You can then use the Application Reference Number to track the application status.

Where is my Application Reference Number?

The Application Reference Number, the ARN is sent to your registered e-mail address.

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