8863 Form 2022

Form 8863, Education Credit, is the tax form for claiming the educational credits on your federal income return. 

Use this tax form to claim the American Opportunity Tax Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit. These two distinct tax credits are displayed on the form as refundable American Opportunity Tax Credit and the non-refundable education credits. 

Note that you can’t claim both, so you’ll need to choose one that gives you the highest amount. If you’re expecting a refund, claiming the American Opportunity Tax Credit on Form 8864 is going to be the wisest option as it’s refundable – learn more about education tax credits. 

Fill out Form 8863 online

Below, you can start filling out Form 8863 for the 2021 taxes you’re filing in 2022. 

Filling out Form 8863 this way doesn’t necessarily mean you’re e-filing it. 

Think of the online fillable Form 8863 as the paper form, but the only difference is you’re filling it out on your computer to print out later. Due to this, this version of Form 8863 is for those who are preparing a paper tax return, not filing electronically.

If you anticipate filing your federal income tax return electronically, check if you’re eligible forĀ free filingĀ before paying for a tax preparation service.

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