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Form 4868, Automatic Extension of Time to file US Individual Income Tax Return is the tax form used for placing an extension on your tax filing deadline. The Internal Revenue Service allows taxpayers to have six additional months on top of the April 15 deadline to file their returns. An extension is a great way to give yourself some break to prepare tax documents and gather other information necessary to file your federal income tax return. 

Filing Form 4868 is quite easy as it doesn’t require much from the taxpayer filing the form. You’ll only need to enter basic information on the form such as estimated tax liability for the tax year, your total payments; balance due and amount you’re paying, if any. Those that are outside of the United States and anticipate to file 1040-NR and didn’t receive wages as an employee subject to income taxes. After stating these on Form 4868, the taxpayer will then need to mail it to the Internal Revenue Service. 

File Form 4868 Online PDF

Form 4868 is fillable online below. Click on the boxes to enter your personal information, money amounts, and check boxes.

How to file Form 4868?

As we’ve briefly explained how to file Form 4868, you should be good with the rest. However, taxpayers that still need further instructions can learn more about tax extension for the 2023 tax season. The instructions to file also include where to mail Form 4868 

Form 4868 electronically

Form 4868 can be filed electronically through any tax preparation service and also through IRSelectronic filing program. After filing Form 4868 electronically, you don’t need to mail anything to the IRS – unless you’re making a payment with money or check order. It’s also possible to pay taxes online and file an extension that way through Direct Pay using your bank account to make a payment. 

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