3911 Form

Form 3911, Taxpayer Statement Regarding Refund is the tax form used for tracing a missing payment from the Internal Revenue Service. Often, this payment is your federal income tax refund or more recently, stimulus check that’s considered sent by the IRS. If never received your tax return or Economic Impact Payment, you can file Form 3911 to literally ask the whereabouts of your payment. 

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Even if you didn’t request a check from the IRS and wanted your payment to be direct deposit into your bank account, you can use the 3911 to trace it.

Form 3911 is a two-page tax form that won’t take much of your time, but know that it can’t be filed electronically. Before you go about Form 3911, however, you should call the IRS tracing line at 1-800-919-9835. Then, fill the form to trace your payment.

Form 3911 for stimulus check

The Internal Revenue Service doesn’t see a difference between stimulus checks and refund checks. As far as Form 3911 is concerned, they’re both the same, and it won’t make any difference in filing the form. 

About your stimulus check: if the check wasn’t cashed, the Internal Revenue Service will send you a replacement check. This doesn’t happen right away, though. You will need to wait for the original check to be canceled. After the cancellation of the original check, a new stimulus or refund check is going to be sent to you. 

If the check was cashed, however, it goes over to the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, also known as the BFS where you’ll be provided with a claim package that includes the copy of the cashed check. As the BFS will review the cashed check and see if it matches the canceled check, they will determine whether or not you can be issued a replacement check for you to collect your funds.

Response times for Form 3911 and BFS

Generally, the IRS responds to Forms 3911 in about two to three weeks. If the check isn’t cashed, the process is going to be simple and will take an additional week or so. For checks that are not cashed, the whole process is going to take about three to four weeks. 

The situation is entirely different if the check was cashed. As it takes the IRS to process between two and three weeks to process your 3911, it will take an extra six weeks for the BFS to review your application, which adds up to the process significantly. Expect to have it complete in two months.

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