11-C Form Instructions

This article examines the steps that are necessary to file the 11-C Form Occupational Tax and Registration Return for Wagering. 11-C Form is filed with the circuit court, served on the opposing party, and is supposed to be completed in duplex format. The instructions included with the form will also explain how to complete it. Here are some general steps for you to follow:

Filing with the Circuit Court

To file your form, you should follow the instructions provided in the form. Among other things, you ought to include the correct title of the case and index number and include the names of the court, the attorney, and the party filing the papers. You must give your actual name if you are doing business under an alias, style, or trade name. Please note that in some cases, the Chief Administrator may let you file papers with more than the required number of words. If it comes to that, you should make sure that you submit only those documents that are shorter than 7,000 words.

The court will acquaint the parties that a conference date will be scheduled. It will also require the use of a prescribed form prescribed by the Chief Administrator of the Courts. The parties may sign the form. If they do, they agree to a timetable for disclosure. The timetable is generally 12 months or fifteen months from the date of filing the request for judicial intervention. Those terms are subject to change.

Who File the 11-C Form?

If you are a principal or trustee, you are responsible for filing 11-C Form. If a manager accepts taxable bets for his own account in business, he must file Form 11-C as he is responsible for the risk of profit or loss depending on the outcome of the event or competition for which the bet was accepted.

When Should You File Form 11-C?

Form 11-C is a supplemental tax return for those who accept wagers as a principal or agent. You are supposed to file Form 11-C 30 days after engaging in this activity. It also requires you to report the name of any team member or agent you hire to make wagers. To file this form, you must pay the occupational tax on the wagers you accept. To get your tax refund, you should make sure that you have all the necessary information. 

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