1099-G Form 2022

Form 1099-G, Certain Government Payments, is the tax form used by federal, state, and local government agencies to report income paid to individuals during the tax year. The 1099-G reports a wide variety of income and tax withheld from this income.

You will receive Form 1099-G at the beginning of the year right before the tax season starts for the following payments.

  • Agriculture payment
  • Reemployment trade adjustment assistance payments
  • State or local income tax refunds, credit, offsets
  • Taxable grants
  • Unemployment compensation

When you’re issued with a 1099-G, you’ll see the reported income on either one of the designated boxes on the form. You will need to attach the 1099-G to your federal income tax return. Since this tax form is going to be furnished to you by a government agency, you’re most likely to get it in the mail. If you’re e-filing your taxes, make sure to create an electronic copy of the form on the tax preparation software you’re using to file taxes.

File Form 1099-G online (for use in 2022 tax season)

Federal, state, and local government agencies can fill out the 1099-G above. Get the form and start filling out Form 1099-G online, on your browser without any third-party application. You can then save the form as a PDF file or print out a paper copy to mail it to the recipient.

What does Form 1099-G include?

Form 1099-G is an information return, therefore, it reports income. On the form, you’ll see the type of income reported and the amount. You will also see the federal income tax withheld from this income if any. That said, you’ll know how much tax was taken out of the income received.

How to attach paper 1099-G to tax return?

Attach Form 1099-G the same way you attach other tax forms to your federal income tax return. You can do this by stapling the form on the top right or left corner. If the total number of tax forms you’re attaching is too much to staple, take all of the tax documents and put them in an envelope that’s large enough to fit them. 

After you attach the 1099-G and other relevant documents, you can then mail your return to the Internal Revenue Service

Unemployment compensation for 2022 tax season

Although it was a late-comer, the Internal Revenue Service announced that the unemployment compensation received up to $10,200 would be waived. What this meant is a lower tax bill overall as you’re not obligated to pay taxes on a good portion of the amount received. For the 2022 tax season, for your 2021 taxes, the Internal Revenue Service hasn’t announced such a tax incentive. If there were to be another waiver for unemployment compensation, we’ll let you know, but it doesn’t seem likely as the number of people claiming unemployment benefits saw a significant decline.

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